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Buying guide

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tWS Clothes Sizing

tWS designs in clothes may be designated as "One Size" or can come in Small, Medium, Large sizes. tWS Dresses usually come in S, M, L, sizes, however, our adjustable leather straps allow some adjustments to the actual fit. You should always consult the appropriate sizing chart next to each tWS product page.

How to choose the appropriate clothes size

STEP 1: Get some accurate up-to-date measurements of your body

You can either ask a professional to take the measurements for you (preferably) or you can take them yourself (most commonly). When measuring your body yourself you will want to take measurements of (a) your bust: The fullest part of your body (b) your natural waist: The slimmest part of your torso and, finally, (c) your hip: The size around the fullest part of your body at the top of the leg.

STEP 2: Check the size chart of the online retailer you are aiming to shop from. At tWS our size charts show measurements in cm. Be careful to convert to your units correctly. Also note that you should divide your circumference measurements by 2 to check with the measurements on our sizing chart (side to side measurements as shown on the schematic).

STEP 3: Contact online retailer

If uncertain about the fit, unit conversions etc. contact your online retailer with your exact measurements and questions. At tWS we will be happy to help you with any inquiries you may have so that the clothes you order offer the best fit.

STEP 4: Buy slightly large

If your measurements fall in between sizes on the sizing chart, or if you are in any way uncertain about the fit of the specific design on your body, you should choose the larger of the two sizes. This way, if you need adjustments you can always get a local tailor or seamstress to adjust the garments down to your measurements. However, if the clothes you buy are slightly smaller than your measurements it may be harder or even impossible to adjust them to a bigger size.

tWS Sandals sizing

tWS sandals and shoes are designated in the European standard shoe sizing system. If your country's shoe system is different you should consult our shoe-size conversion table below before placing your order:

How to choose the appropriate sandal size

If you are uncertain about shoe sizing in your country you should measure the length of your foot.

To measure the length of your foot follow these steps:

STEP 1: Get a piece of paper that is larger than your foot, some tape, a pen and a ruler or a tape measure.

STEP 2: Tape the piece of paper to the floor so that it is secured.

STEP 3: Place your foot on the piece of paper and draw its outline with your pen or pencil. If someone else is available to do it for you so much the better, however, you should be able to get it done on your own as well.

STEP 4: Use your ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between heel and toe.

STEP 5: Follow steps 1-4 for your other foot. Sometimes our two feet are not exactly the same!

Once you've got your foot measurements you can consult the columns "cm" or "inches" on our shoe-size conversion table above.

TIP: Keep in mind that natural leather sandals will loosen up after the first couple of times you wear them. Although they might feel tight when you first wear them, your natural leather sandals will quickly adjust to the form of your foot.

Product Offers

Occassionally we might place some of our products in the special offers section of our e-shop and offer them at a discount. All items on offer are of the same high qualiy of all tWS products and have no defects or flaws to our knowledge.