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tWS e-Shop now online!

the White, Santorini

Sep 18, 2015
by The White Santorini
Category: News
The White, Santorini e-Shop is up!

After much deliberation, a postponed launch date and a frantic season on the island for our stores, we are now, finally and definitely... Online!

Many of you who visited our stores this summer asked for an online shop and we're happy and proud to say we delivered.

We couldn't have done it without the help of several good people who joined forces with us in this endeavor, and so, we want to give special thanks to: Antithesis Group for the website and e-shop implementation, gifted musician Akusmatik for allowing us to use his beautiful piece as background music for the intro video, Vangelis Photography for the gorgeous collection shots in Oia, Mitheo Events for organizing everything so wonderfully and making it enjoyable, Yiannis Rizomarkos for the great catalogue shooting, Lori Korda and Eleni Iliopoulou for the stunning make up, our beautiful models Nina and Fay for patiently enduring the hardships of the photoshoots, Antonia Karra for the beautiful braided jewelry she gave us for the photoshoot styling and, last but not least, the boys and girls of our own tWS team for being there throughout and making it all possible.

Kudos to all!

At first we were quite puzzled as to how we could remove our collection items from the caves and landscapes of Santorini and place them in an online catalogue without draining them of the energy that the island's magical surroundings offer. So we thought long and hard, and then we thought some more, and finally we came up with this specific design for our website that aims to display all our items amidst the scenery that they are usually found. If you're viewing this in a portable device you might miss some of the stunning background photos and videos available on desktops, however, we wanted to pay attention to functionality as well.

For better or for worse, this is it. We really hope that you will find the result of our efforts pleasing, our online store easy to navigate and that you will shop our clothes & accessories collections. But since we've probably missed several things, don't forget to drop us a few notes and comments, we do appreciate every tip that can help us improve.

And of course, if you're ever in town don't forget to visit us. It is mid September now, but in Santorini the summer is still on!

Life is an island