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A day of fashion shooting in Santorini

the White, Santorini

Sep 25, 2015
by The White Santorini
Category: Events
Fashion photoshoot Santorini Greek silk kaftan leather gladiator sandals accessories

For our collections photoshoot in Santorini we hired the services of Mitheo Events and asked them to organize for us an Aegean Sea-inspired photoshoot. The task was complex: Our clothing collection pays homage to the elegance and simplicity of the Aegean Sea, infused with luxurious elements and fine textures that blend with the bright sun and fresh sea breeze of Santorini. We asked them to capture all this in the best possible way. And Mitheo Events worked hard to make it happen.

With a long experience in professional styled photoshoots the team of Mitheo Events worked to bring out the essence of our brand, the clean lines, the brightness and purity of the fabrics, displayed in their natural environment: The whitewashed domes and blue horizon of Santorini island, Greece! They brought on-board internationally acclaimed photographer Vangelis Photography who masterfully captured the spirit of the White, Santorini and skilled make-up artist Eleni Iliopoulou who created the perfect look to complement our style. They chose the shooting locations and hours masterfully and planned for every little detail. They styled our original materials to fully embody the antithesis yet the natural flow that is present on the beautiful island of Greece.

And the result was absolutely amazing!

Traditional lace, playful fringes, unique kaftans and hand-crafted suede leather artifacts provided the inspiration for Mitheo Events to construct powerful and mesmerizing imagery. Grecian and geometric dresses, made from 100% pure silk manufactured in Soufli, Greece and adorned with Verdigris metal elements are paired with our handmade genuine leather gladiator sandals in stunning shots with breath-taking backgrounds.

The characteristic white and endless blue of the Aegean Sea was the ideal backdrop to present our unique tWS summer collection. The combination of breathtaking views, the island's strong vibe, the talented styling team of Mitheo Events, top professional Vangelis Photography and expert make-up artist Eleni Iliopoulou provided the positive energy and authenticity of this wonderful summer fashion photoshoot that captured the true nature of our brand.

Enjoy the video and some backstage shots:

Thank you all for this most creative, enjoyable and rewarding experience. Looking forward to our next Santorini fashion photoshoot!

Coming Soon!

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